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P.E. Tape Super ZA (100 meter)



Without protection foil. Resistant against all kinds of chemicals. Temperature range of -30°C to + 80°C.
Easy to handle roles. Very high sticking strengths.
Satisfies to NPR 3577.
Material: Polyethylene.

• Every breadth measure between 6 and 1000 mm possible
• Every width measure between 2 and 8 mm possible.
• Minimum order quantity is 1 bundle of 100 meters.
• Deviation measures on application.



Keratape (9 X 4-5 mm)


Fireproof tape is a blank, one-side self-adhesive ceramic tape.
Chemically neutral and not damaging for health and the environment.
Self-adhesive and suitable in fireproof glazing systems
• Applications to 1260°C possible.

• Minimum order quantity of 10 meters (1 bundle)  



Outside these, very restricted selection here shown the Van  Noordenne Group also has a very broad assortment in these product range.
Do you wish to have advice about the correct product and/or  application, we requests you to contact us.