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Secondary Glazing


Aluminium profiles
voorzetraam profiel
Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry Van Noordenne LTD makes double sashes with an aluminium profile with a life span for fifteen years or longer. These double sashes can be provided with or without hinges and the attachment can be done with propellers or sliding bolts.

The standard colours of the aluminium profiles are:
- white
- broken white
- brown
- dark green
- aluminium colour

If required the profiles can be enamelled in a special colour. For better security the double sashes can be provide also with 6 mm thick or laminated glass. Furthermore deliverable are horizontal or vertically sliding double sashes.



Outside these, very restricted selection here shown the Van Noordenne Group also has a very broad assortment in these product range.

Do you wish to have advice about the correct product and/or application, we requests you to contact us.