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Fall Window


Hardened Glass flap-, fall-and turn-windows
Hardened Glass flap-, fall- or turn- window:
• can be placed directly in the casing; there is no window construction necessary.
• the hang- and fastening device is already assembled
• has a higher let trough of light than a traditional window.
• need no painting maintenance; it is service free.
These windows offer a number of advantages:
- for the contractor: the windows are simply and rapidly placed.
- for the owner of the residence: no maintenance costs.
- for the architect: new design possibilities with an important role for glass.
At all types of windows a distinction is made between normal and isolating windows
- normal glass has a polished mat marginal frame
- isolating windows have a tight white or black finishing profile.
In all cases it is possible to choose for a burglary preventing window that has the Police Quality mark Safe Living.


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Enkel Hardglas Binnendraaiend
Enkel Hardglas Binnendraaiend 2
Enkel Hardglas Buitendraaiend
Isolatie Hardglas Binnendraaiend
Isolatie Hardglas Binnendraaiend 2
Isolatie Hardglas Buitendraaiend



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Enkel Hardglas Klepraam
Enkel Hardglas Valraam Type A
Enkel Hardglas Valraam Type B1
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Isolatie Hardglas Klepraam
Isolatie Hardglas Valraam Type A
Isolatie Hardglas Valraam Type B1
Isolatie Hardglas Valraam Type B2
Isolatie Hardglas Valraam Type B3


Outside these, very restricted selection here shown the Van Noordenne Group also has a very broad assortment in these product range.

Do you wish to have advice about the correct product and/or application, we requests you to contact us.