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glasblokjeChannel Block

Channel blocks have a channel on the down side. This tunnel ensures an optimum dehydration and de-airing of the rabbet without negatively influencing the bearing power.


Channel blocks are available in sizes from 20mm broad, 3mm high and 100mm long.

 brandwerend glasblokje

Fireproof Blocks Flammi


A fireproof cube is a cube which is fireproof to 1.000°C, which rests on a flat rabbet. If the cube lies flat the pressure can be up to 1.000kg/cm2. Surface is water resistance.
Deliverable in sizes of 2-10 mm high, 5-80 mm broad and 80-100 mm length. The block must be preferably 2 mm broader than the glass thickness. Minimum order quantity: 10 parts.



Outside these, very restricted selection here shown the Van Noordenne Group also has a very broad assortment in these product range.
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