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Sound Reduction

geluidswerend glas

In our busy world sound comfort and silence becomes more important. Because it is hard to tackle sound at the source, it is best to protect you as well as possible.
Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry Van Noordenne LTD can deliver many kinds of sound reduction glass which keep the sound outside, without limiting the natural light coming in.
There are several solutions to keep out the sound. Thicker glass, a composition of glass layers with unequal thickness, a larger cleft breadth and the use of laminated glass with special acoustic foils. These foils ensure that the two glass layers of the laminated window pass through less vibration to each other.


For sound reduction glass it is important to know the expected sound values from inside or outside to determine the degree of desired sound reduction. Also it is determined which glass already is in the cleft. On that basis it will be determined which type of glass is needed. This way Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry Van Noordenne LTD can give a reliable advice and is disappointment excluded for at the end-user afterwards. 

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