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Solar Control

Zonwerend glas
With the use of glass in large quantities in the front walls of offices and/or residences, the climate control of the spaces behind the glass plays an important role. Regulation of entering sun heat/ energy and preventing in this way an excessive reheating of the internal environment, is possible by the application of a solar control glazing.
Commonly can be said that glass can be made sun proof by providing one side of the glass of the cleft with coating of noble metal. These coating ensures a blockade of heated infra-red shines without reducing the light transmission directly. Nowadays sun proof glazing are available in several colours besides neutral coloured types.
By new technologies coatings can be introduced which all differ mutually:
  • - heat reflection
  • - Light let trough
  • - Light reflection
  • - sun transmission

Solar control glazing offers a number of advantages:
-   climate-control more easily to regulate
-   fall energy cost as a result of:
       o less cooling down of the room during the summer period is necessary
       o saving on heating costs in the winter period
-   large variety possible with colours and reflection, as a result a infinitely large pallet of architectonic and aesthetic possibilities arise


zonwerend glas  zonwerend glas


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