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Glacoverre is a company which is specialized in treating glass. It understands the art to give glass an attractive sight.
Glacoverre, specialist in decorative glass, has a range of designs for doors, separating walls, kitchens, and furniture.
Glacoverre is glass which is treated in an entirely new way. Glacoverre Glass is on one side provided with coating over the whole surface. This is developed especially for decorative applications in interior. Glacoverre Glass has been tested according to ISO-norms on scratch solidity (ISO-1518) and on attaching (ISO-2409).
Maintenance to Glacoverre Glass is very simple; one can clean with the usual resources.
Glacoverre Glass can be polished, drilled, cut and assembled to isolation glass. All designs can become printed on all colours of Lacobel glass, this gives a beautiful view.
• Float glass
• Laminated glass
• Silver-plated glass
• varnish glass  



Glacoverre is unique in colour and motive
The colour can be used in several ways, here below a photograph overview with some possibilities.
Read here more about all motives which are possible  and look at the examples
Read here more about all colours which are possible

Charme Mini Cubes Positief - Polar White

Charme Maxi Cubes Positief - Copper Red

Ace 2 Positief

Circles Dia Positief - Polar White

Circles Positief -  Fresh Green

Cross Cubes Positief

Cubes 1 Positief

Cubes 1 Positief - Verzilverd

Lancelot Positief - Polar White

Glacobel Stripes White

Lancelot Positief - Sunny Yellow
Squares Dia Positief

Quadro Dia Positief - Gelaagd glas

Single Ellipse Positief

Tiger Positief - Sunny Yellow

Triple Ellipse Positief - Pink Rose

Stripes 2 Positief - Glacobel Rood

Stripes 2 Positief - Glacobel Zwart

Treble Cubes Positief - Heavenly Blue
Stripes 4 Positief
Many colours can be made, here are given some examples.
Read more about all colours which are possible
Smoky Black
Pink Rose
Flashy Rose
Basic Clear
Flashy Yellow
Flashy Green
Fresh Green
Vivid Green
Grassy Green
Heavenly Blue
Shiny Yellow
Flashy Purple
Red Rose
Pale Red
Aqua Blue
Lavender Blue
Deep Purple
Sunny Yellow
Yellow Brass
Fresh Lemon
Pale Yellow
Red Brown
Fruity Orange
Amber Orange


Furthermore there can be made nice drawings on for example a mirror or a (closet) door.