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Energy Saving


Energy saving building/Passive House

Van Noordenne Group pay much attention and value to build with durable and energy-saving products, we cooperate among other things with the foundation Passive House (PHH) and Bouw+ houses and producers of solar panels. 


We have carefully composed our range Triple glazing with Ug values to 0.5 W/m2 K (EN673), provided standard with two low-E coatings,  thermally isolated holders and a Vindico anti-condensation coating on the outside.

Especially the correct choice of the type plays a role, where the optimal combination of ZTA, let through of light, reflection and colour neutrality is calculated per house front.

For the railing panels for example Thermobel VIP can be recommended with Ug values up to 0.3 W/m2 (EN674) ideal combining in building with isolation glass.  
Vindico PV+
This smart combination of coatings raises the output of solar panels to approximately 5 WP per module and by the durable dirt resisting coating the output remains also higher. 


parkeergarage zonnepanelen duurzaam


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