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Decorative Glass


Glass is not only functional, but can be used in several ways for decorative goals. An example of it is figure glass. Figure glass is a transparent, decorative glazing, in which - during the production when it is still warm glass - a decorative motive is rolled.


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Another way to make glass decorative is by silk-screening. Silk-screened glass is a hardened glazing provide with decorative motives in a lot of possible colours.
zeefdruk glas zeefdruk glas
Glacoverre glass is a production process with which a lot of colours and motives can be made.
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Here below an overview with photographs of some types of figure glass.


Bamboo blank 4 mm
Bamboo mat/blank 4 mm
Brute blank 4 mm
Byzanthijn grof blank 4 mm 
     Byzanthijn grof geel 4 mm   
Canale blank 4 mm
Canale mat/blank 4 mm
Carre blank 4 mm (square) 
   Cathedraal blank 4 mm   
Cathedraal geel 4 mm
   Chincilla blank 4 mm   
Cotswold blank 4 mm
Crepi - figuur 33 blank 4 mm
Deltha blank 4 mm
Deltha brons 4 mm
   Draadglas brute   
Draadglas engels blank
Gothic blank 4 mm
Guss antiek blank 4 mm
Guss antiek geel 4 mm
Guss antiek grijs 4 mm
IJsbloemglas 4 mm
Jan hagel blank 4 mm
Master - carre 4 mm
Master - point 4 mm
Matglas blank 4 mm
Moire blank 4 mm
Niagara blank 5 mm
Niagara brons 5 mm
Niagara mat/blank 5 mm
Nylon blank 4 mm
Opaline 4 mm
Quatrix blank 4 mm
Rochelino- Alt Deutch K blank 4 mm
Satijnglas 4 mm
Silvit blank 4 mm
Silvit brons 4 mm
Spotlight punt blank 4 mm
Verzilverd satijn blank 4 mm
Confrontatie Spiegel 
Antiek 75 - 4 mm
Deltha mat blank 4 mm
Felyn blank 4 mm
Byzanthijn fijn blank 4 mm