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Here below you find an overview of the most commonly needed information, possibly necessary at the implementation of several projects and/or trade operations.


The contents of this page have come about in narrow consultation between Van Noordenne and its customers. If it occur nevertheless that the information is not or not entirely available desired by you, you can send an email to 


General documentation
General documentation of Van Noordenne Glass Wholesale
General documentation of Van Noordenne Glass Projects
General Conditions Glas Wholesale
General Conditions Glas Projects
Sequential Liability Act (WKA) / Declaration payment behaviour
KvK Glasprojecten Van Noordenne 2014
Route planning
District Ranging
CE documentation  
Downloads on behalf of CE norms/labels read more
Glass documentation  
Condensation at isolated glass
User-manual HR++ glass
Maintenance advice for sealant and glass
Technical documentation  read more



Frame report form  
Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry Van Noordenne LTD
Glass Projects Van Noordenne LTD

Test reports  read more


Retour Reclamation     



Order Form Casements  read more
Order Form Glass


News Letters read more