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Glass wholesale

Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry Van Noordenne - more than just glass...

Dynamic and innovative and competent teamwork! Fitting statements for the 135 professionals, ready to meet any glass challenge.


To make this happen it is needed to have an exceptional stock of the most diverse types of glass, in several sizes and versions. Complement this by state of the art equipment and you have the two essential conditions to permit fast and flexible action. Van Noordenne Glass Wholesale has it all, under one roof!

Van Noordenne Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry adds value. Its great autonomy and comprehensive knowledge ensures that suitable solutions are within easy reach, at all times. Obviously it requires know-how and keeping abreast of al recent market developments. At Van Noordenne Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry, specific advice and knowledge transfer means investing in the future, together.


Just-in-time delivery is extremely important. A wide-ranging stock and broad assortment make this possible, even as the professional transport and large logistic network. Carefulness and customer service makes the overall Van Noordenne Glass Wholesale & Glass Industry concept complete.


The Van Noordenne Group - Trendsetter. Worldwide.